Research team - Philippe Fournier-Viger

Current students

Name Level Research Topic / Title Start Date Role Publication(s)
as first author
Xiang Li M.Sc. Innovative Data Mining Algorithms for Car Crash Data Analysis 2016 Supervisor  
Zhitian Li M.Sc. Algorithms for Sequence Mining and Analysis 2016 Supervisor ...
Yimin Zhang M.Sc. Algorithms for Utility Pattern Mining 2016 Supervisor ...

Kevin De Souza


M.Sc. Intelligent Algorithms for Sensor Networks 2015 Co-supervisor ...
I. Doukoure Ph.D. Data mining techniques to extract expertise for intergenerational knowledge transfer 2015 -... Co-Supervisor ...
Cheng Chao M.Sc. ... 2017 Supervisor ...
Yang Peng M.Sc. ... 2017 Supervisor ...
Jiaxuan Li M.Sc. ... 2017 Supervisor ...

Past students

Name Level Research Topic / Title End Date Role Publication(s)
Jean-Marc Pokou M.Sc. Algorithms for Automatic Authorship Attribution
2016 Co-Supervisor

AIAI 2016


Souleymane Zida M.Sc. Algorithm for the discovery of high-utility patterns 2015 Supervisor

MLDM 2015 (nominated for best paper award)
MICAI 2015
KAIS (SCI, Q2 journal)


Yapan Raissa Dougnon M.Sc.

Algorithms for the discovery of information about social network users

2015 Supervisor

AI 2015 (acceptance rate : 18 %)
KI 2015,
MICAI 2015,
JIIS (SCI Q4 journal)


Ted Gueniche


Compact Prediction Tree: A Lossless Model for Accurate Sequence Prediction 2015 Supervisor

PAKDD 2015 (acceptance rate : 6 %)
EGC 2015 (nominated for best paper award)
ISMIS 2014
ADMA 2013 (acceptance rate : 14 %)


Eric Snow M.Sc. Assessing Procedural Knowledge in Free-text Answers through a Hybrid Semantic Web Approach 2015 Co-supervisor

ICTAI 2013,
book chapter


Esperance Mwamikazi M.Sc. Automatic Assessment of Learning Styles 2015 Co-supervisor

AIAI 2014,
IEA AIE 2014


Eric Snow MITACS internship with a company Text mining 2014 Supervisor from University



Ted Gueniche

Undergrad project

Using Partially-Ordered Sequential Rules to Generate More Accurate Sequence Prediction 2012 Supervisor ADMA 2012 (acceptance rate : 19 %)