There are two versions of SPMF.

Source code version (178 algorithms) Release version (171 algorithms)

1) Download

2) Read the instructions for installing and running the source code: how_to_install.txt .

3) After you have installed the source code, if you intend to modify the source code and/or reuse it in other Java projects, you may want to read the developer's guide, which provides information about the source code organization.

Algorithms included: all the algorithms

1) Download spmf.jar and the sample data files

2) If you want to use the graphical interface, follow these instructions: how_to_run_the graphical_interface

If you want to use the command line interface, follow these instructions:
how_to_run_the command_line_interface

Algorithms included: all except CloStream, estDec, estDec+, ItemsetTree, Memory-Efficient Itemset Tree,  ID3, and a few others

If you have any questions, you may first have a look at the FAQ, and then ask your question in the data mining forum. If the question has to be private, you can send-me an e-mail.

Release notes