The Pattern Mining Course (BETA)


Philippe Fournier-Viger
Distinguished professor, Ph.D.


This is a free online course about pattern mining. It is designed to introduce students or researchers to the different topics of pattern mining, and explain the key algorithms and key concepts.

Pattern mining is a subfield of data mining that aim at applying algorithms to discover interesting patterns in data. These patterns can be used to understand the data or to support decision-making or tasks such as prediction.

This course consists of multiple lectures, where some videos are provided for each lecture. In general, it is not necessary to watch all the content. Someone could skip some topics as needed.

Note: this is a beta version of the course. Thus, this page will evolve over time with more content.

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Frequent itemset mining and association rule mining

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Concise representations of patterns

  • Maximal, closed and generator itemsets (pdf / ppt / video - 50 min)
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    Rare Pattern Mining


    Correlated and statistically significant patterns


    High Utility Itemset Mining
    7 Sequential pattern mining

    Additional ressource(s):


    Sequential rule mining


    Episode Mining

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    • Questions about episode mining

    Other topics

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    Software, source code and datasets

    open-source data mining software

    To try the different pattern mining algorithms discussed in this course, you can download the SPMF data mining software. SPMF is an open-source software, offering over 230 algorithms. It is implemented in Java and there exist also unofficial wrappers for some other languages. Besides, you can find several public datasets to try the algorithms from SPMF on the datasets page of SPMF

    More videos on pattern mining

    If you want to see more videos on pattern mining, you may also check:
    - The video page on the SPMF website: SPMF: A Java Open-Source Data Mining Library (
    - My Youtube channel:

    FAQ about this course


    This course is based on content from research articles mentioned in the PPTs and PDFs and also some information from those books:

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    5. Data Mining and Analysis Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms by Zaki & Meira (2014)


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