Periodic Pattern Mining: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

Editors: Rage Uday Kiran, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Anirban Mondal, José María Luna and Jerry Chun-Wei Lin

An edited book to be published by Springer in 2021

Chapter proposal deadline: 1st October 2020
Proposal acceptance date: 10th October 2020
Full chapter submission deadline:   15th January 2021
Planned publication date:      1st July 2021

Periodic pattern mining is an important and emerging research topic in the field of data mining. It involves discovering patterns that are occurring regularly (or periodically) in a temporal database. A major application of periodic pattern mining is market-basket analysis. It involves analyzing which sets of items were regularly purchased by the customers in the data. This book provides an introduction to this field, reviews state-of-the-art techniques, and discusses recent advances.

Book aims

  • Presents an overview of the theory and basic models used in periodic pattern mining
  • Covers recent advances on periodic pattern mining
  • Covers parallel mining of periodic patterns in big data paradigm.
  • Discusses important applications and open-source software.

Topics of interest (not limited to):

  • Periodic pattern mining
  • Periodic pattern mining in graphs
  • Parallel mining of periodic patterns in big data
  • Periodic pattern mining in streams
  • High utility periodic patterns
  • Visualization techniques.
  • Privacy preserving periodic mining
  • Open-source software
  • Applications

A chapter can be either a survey of a topic of interest or be a research paper.


Interested researchers are invited to submit a chapter proposal clearly stating your focused problems and contributions related to one of the above topics due on the 1st October 2020. This must include a proposed titleabstractauthor list with names/affiliations/e-mails, and a brief description of the organization of your chapter in terms of sections and content. Authors of accepted chapters will be notified by the 10th October 2020. Full chapters are due by the 15th January 2020. The Springer LaTeX template for multi-author books must be used for chapters. Click here to access Overleaf Springer multi-author template.