How to check if a journal is EI, SCI, ISI, SCIE or SSCI and get its Impact Factor?

Check journal indexes (EI, SCI, ISI, ...)


Search for SCI journals ( full list of SCI journals here)


Search for SCIE journals ( full list of SCIE journals here)


Search for SSCI journals ( full list of SSCI journals here)


Search for ISI journals


EI compendex website ( download list of EI journals in Excel format here)



Check SCImago JCR journal ranking (journal search) in terms of quartile Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, note: this ranking is different from the Chinese Academy of Science ranking below)


Check Chinese Academy of Science journal ranking using LetPub (中科院分区 ) in terms of quartile Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 note: this ranking is different from the SCImago JCR ranking, above).


Check the Chinese Computer Federation (CCF) ranking of artificial intelligence and data mining/database journals and conferences.


Search the ISI web of knowledge

Check Impact factor of a journal

Some websites like SCIJ**** or provides impact factors.


Search for papers

- Search on Google scholar (or use the GlGoo mirror in China)

- Search or Google Books


List of conferences

- Conferences by due date (cfplist) (wikicfp)

- Conferences by date (conferencealerts)

- Conferences for the field of data mining by due date (link1) (link2)





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