Best paper award      ICGEC 2015
Best paper award      ADMA 2014
Best paper award     MICAI 2008
1st of 363 papers
Merit paper award     TAAI 2015
Nominated for best paper award EGC 2015
  MLDM 2015
One of the top three papers
  ISMIS 2012
  ITS 2008
Paper published in a special issue of Educational Technologies & Society
Paper among top papers ADMA 2014
Invited to submit extended versions of two papers for the special issue of the best ADMA 2014 papers in Knowledge-Based Systems
  ADMA 2011
Invited to submit an extended version in Frontier of Computer Science
  FLAIRS 2010
Invited to join the program committee of the annual FLAIRS conference.
  IEA AIE 2010
Paper published in a special issue of Knowledge Based Systems
  EC-TEL 2007
Paper published in a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies


To support my research as a professor, I have received the following grants.

Period Amount Description Organization Role Contest
2014 CAD $ 5,000 IRAP research project with a company IRAP co-supervisor from university --
2014 CAD $ 15,000 MITACS research project with a company MITACS supervisor from university --
2013 - 2018

CAD$ 20,000
/ year

Discovery grant NSERC   National (Canada)
2013 CAD$ 3000 Startup fund from university (FESR) U. Moncton   University
2012 CAD$ 5000 Startup fund from faculty of sciences U. Moncton   University


During my graduate studies, I was awarded several grants, which totally are worth more than 223,000 $ CAD.

Period Amount Description Organization Contest
2010-2012 CAD$ 60,000 Post-doctoral Fellowship FQRNT Provincial (Quebec)
2007-2010 CAD$ 105,000 Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship for Ph.D students NSERC National (Canada)
2006-2008 CAD$ 53,333 Research Fellowship for Ph.D. students FQRNT Provincial (Quebec)
2005 CAD$ 5,000 University of Sherbrooke grant (M.Sc.) Univ. of Sherbrooke University