SPMF is an open-source data mining mining library written in Java, specialized in pattern mining (the discovery of patterns in data) .

It is distributed under the GPL v3 license.

It offers implementations of 196 data mining algorithms for:

  • association rule mining,
  • itemset mining,
  • sequential pattern
  • sequential rule mining,
  • sequence prediction,
  • periodic pattern mining, 
  • episode mining
  • high-utility pattern mining,
  • time-series mining.
  • clustering and classification,

The source code of each algorithm can be easily integrated in other Java software.

Moreover, SPMF can be used as a standalone program with a simple user interface or from the command line.

SPMF is fast and lightweight (no dependencies to other libraries).

The current version is v2.42b and was released the 11th March 2020.